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View the videos of Swing & Ballroom Champion "Diva Deaton"!
Don't miss Andrea's workshop!

Andrea and Kyle Redd

Andrea and Don Moser

Andrea and Ramiro Gonzales

About Andrea


Andrea is one of West Coast Swing's original Divas. She is a champion dancer with numerous titles from across the U.S. and is known for her incomparable footwork and her varied artistic expression, from funky to elegant. Her unique and unmistakable Swing style stems from her deep passion for moving to music and her years of experience in competing in and teaching Swing, Latin, Ballroom, Hustle, Salsa, Lindy, and other partner dances. Andrea is a 33-year veteran professional who shares her knowledge and experience across the Country. Beginners and professionals from around the world seek training from Andrea and her students become champions themselves. Her teaching style is fun yet meticulous and her mission is to help stir up the passion and natural dancer she believes we all have inside. She’ll not only teach you how to lead or follow, and dance a pattern but she will also teach you how to “make it yours”. She focuses on the art of blending with your partner while nurturing your personal artistic expression.


Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from Andrea who no longer teaches regularly due to an extended illness. "I am excited to be a part of this premier, unique event. Gil is a visionary and I wouldn't miss it!" - Andrea Deaton


RM5 is also excited to bring to you a rare opportunity to take a workshop from Andrea & Keldee TOGETHER!  Watch out!  It's "Double Trouble". Stay tuned for more details.    

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