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     Event Pricing, Registration


           Event Tickets

Event Ticket                                                                     $90   

Military and                                                                      $75


One Day Pass                                                                  $60 


General Dance

Evening Pass                                                                  $10


Saturday Evening                                                           $40



Competition               Event Pricing

Pro-Am Jack & Jill                                                           $20 per Dance*   

   West Coast Swing


   Night Club 2


   Cha Cha



All workshops are categorized in 3 levels: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced



       *Must purchase an Event Ticket  to compete




Event Ticket:  gives full access to the event: all workshops, Dinner, and Show are included. 


One Day Pass:  is a workshop and general dance pass for one day,

no competitions. 


General Dance Evening Pass:  allows you into the event at 10:30pm Friday and Saturday (pay at the door).


Saturday Evening Show:  allows you into the event to watch the Saturday Evening Show, and participate in General Dancing.

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